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Stonewall 50, learning what really happened at Stonewall is the key to continuing the legacy it created early in the morning on June 28th, 1969.

Mark Segal and Martin Boyce, two individuals who were at the riots themselves, set the record straight for Yahoo News and explain why it's more important than ever to make sure that the history of this event is all true.

Along with their first-person account, Stacy Lentz and Kurt Kelly, Stonewall's current co-owners speaks about the importance of Pride today, and why it wouldn't be where it is now without the riots 50 years ago.

Lastly, Angelica Ross, a transgender activist, and Candy on FX's "Pose speaks about the importance of keeping the trans voice alive in the story of activism after Stonewall.

A New York mother was charged Monday for hiring two strippers for her son's 16th birthday party, police said.

South Glens Falls police said 33-year-old Judy Viger faces five counts of child endangerment for hiring two women to perform lewd dances for five teens under the age of 17 at a bowling alley on Nov.

Before she met Donald Trump at the Kit Kat Club in Manhattan and stepped into a glitzy world of limos and penthouses, diamonds and caviar, Melania Knauss lived quietly.

She grew up in one of the anonymous concrete apartment buildings of Yugoslavia when Josip Tito was its socialist leader and over-the-top capitalism, let alone full-blown Trumpism, didn't exist.

"She never really wanted to stand out or be the center of attention said Mirjana Jelancic, an elementary school friend in the hilly town of Sevnica in what is now Slovenia.

Then she married The Donald.

The former high-fashion model started her own "Melania" line of jewelry, marketed a 150-an-ounce moisturizer made with caviar and wore a 200,000 Dior gown at their splashy Palm Beach wedding a decade ago.

Now, Melania Trump, 45, who shies away from speaking in public, finds herself directly in the 2016 campaign spotlight, an unconventional spouse of a most unconventional presidential candidate.

She would be the first first lady born abroad since Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams, who moved into the White House in 1825.

She is Trump's third wife another first for a first lady.

Ronald Reagan, with a single ex-wife when he took office, was the only other divorced.S.

She might also be the most linguistically gifted first lady, as she speaks four languages including heavily accented English.

And, without doubt, she would be the only first lady to have posed in the buff while lying on a fur blanket handcuffed to a leather briefcase, as she did aboard Trump's jet for.

British GQ in 2000.

"She provides great balance" to Trump, said Roger Stone, the candidate's former political adviser who has known the couple since before they were married.

She is smart "not just an armpiece Stone said.

"She would be the most glamourous first lady since Jackie Kennedy.".

Melania Trump has been on the edges of political campaigns in the past, as in 2000, when her then-boyfriend briefly sought the Reform Party nomination.
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