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Blue films in kannada

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Blue films in kannada
, great sound, great visuals and a knowing that other people in the room are experiencing emotions much the same way as.

Teriflix is a perfect place for such private cinema experiences." - Rohit Padaki, Director, Kannada Film Industry.

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Testimonials teriflix has set out to build a bridge between audience and the film maker with events like this.

As a director I am always curious to know how the audience is reacting to my film and what their perspectives are.

Teriflix's Indepth Screening is a fantastic event for such interactions." -.

Sheshadri, Film Director, 9 Time National Award Recipient.

Tags: Mookajjiya Kanasugalu, teriflix Purple - In Depth Screening (19th Oct, 5:30 PM).
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