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, whether they have a page on the wiki or not.

Internet memes are ideas that result in frequently-copied images, videos, concepts and catchphrases adopted by a specific subculture.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic aired and grew in popularity, memes developed and propagated by the fanbase quickly started following.

General memes, welcome to the Herd, ponies in socks - One of the first and most popular memes, started by fan artist.

Egophiliac, ponies in sweaters/ ponies in scarfs - Two newer variations.

Rule 63/Colt versions/Genderbenders - Crossed-gender versions of the characters; such as Dusk Shine as Twilight, Bubble Berry as Pinkie, and even an Eris as Discord.

Fluffy Ponies - The most notable of whom is Fluffle Puff.

Baby ponies - Where adult characters from the show are drawn as foals.

X IS best pony - Where X represents a character from the show, not limited to ponies.

Pony Shrug - Where the ponies are seen shrugging.

The original picture, of Pinkie Pie shrugging, was drawn by MegaSweet, in black and white; however, it is unknown who colored it in originally.

1, it has since been edited to depict different ponies.

Brohoof - Where two characters pound their hooves together like a high-five or fist bump.
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